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BBQ grill set

BBQ grill set

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Fire up your backyard feasts with our Wooden Barbecue Grill Set! 🌽🔥🥩 From sizzling steaks to flavorful shrimp, our 24-piece set is your ticket to grilling greatness. Elevate your BBQ game with precision using the tongs and spatula, and don't forget the essentials: mustard, chili sauce, and the perfect blend of herbs and spices. The charcoal (made from the softest velvet) ensures a smooth, smoky flavor!

Set the scene with our stylish wooden barbecue stand, complete with a cloth for that chef-worthy touch. As your little chef cooks up a storm, let the aromas of corn, onions, tomatoes, and juicy patties fill the air. This Wooden Barbecue Grill Set isn't just a collection of tools—it's a culinary adventure waiting to unfold. Get ready to grill, chill, and thrill! 🍔🌶️🍤

  • Assembly: Fully assembled
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